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Assalamualaikum...sori a xda story br, crite2 dlm ni pon br je dipindahkan dr blog lama ak, layout pun xlawa lg... sori....nk wat does not revolve around this comp, exam lg....jd mayb lambat lg br ade post br....

Merenung komputer ak, without ideas for next photoshoping gone wild, tiba2 terpk… hm, I am 19, going to 20 next year, sigh, that right… two zero… I establish a panic alert… almost that old and nothing.
I have to say, that my aggressiveness and tenaciousness, i have succeeded in making a protective bubble around me, dimana nobody have gone near me. In simple layman’s term, I have no friends… huhu sad sob sob….(nangis ni!! nak simpati). Senang crite… skrg baru ak prasan, xda membe ketat… nape? ntah… Allah mengetahui.
Adakah ia disebabkan
a. I am uninteresting, unable to stand out from the mass?
b. I dont like the crowd….
c. I am a social nightmare
I believe it is a bit of a, maybe a dash of b, and a lot of c…
Hm, seeing my friends( not really friends, mayb someone I know by chance maybe) I see them either, very good at guitar, very good at girl(by the way this thing is a no no), sangat bagus/byk bercakap, can lead, great with electronics, maybe socially active, very knowledgeable, leader of their own group and outcast(hey at least they are acknowledge). After that, its me…. nobody ….. no specialty ,basically drowned ditenggelami kawan2ku. How do I stood out? I am not good wit computers, not even with people and especially animal.
Ak bagaikan keseorangan, lone ranger…. terbang x bertali… huhu. As anyone know, in 5 years Insyaallah I would graduate as a doctor, but I am doubtfull, Am I ready? Adakah ruang bagi nobody kat dunia ni?
Sape nak kawan ngan aku? Maybe it is my fault, trying to create a vacuum… sigh. Seeing my friend, change… bit by bit…. nak gak… ntah

wondering off into a vast ocean off imagination, while watching House of course, it shocked me, is malaysia that bad?? before i let u think…. whatever it is.. the answer is no. Em, in one of the episodes, apparently House and Cuddy is boarding a flight going to where ever is Princeton (It is one of the Ivy league), and then it struck me, House is getting onboard on a "Malaysian Pacific AIr". What? is MAS that bad, by the way, not only the stewardess not hot, he speaks like philiphines or something. After doing some surfing, here are some of NOT Malaysia the Hollywood is spreading to the world.

House (TV)
Episode: Airborne
House and Cuddy face a widespread outbreak on their plane back from a
symposium in Singapore while Wilson and the team treat a woman with
constant seizures.

The airplane they were in belongs to a fictional ‘Malaysian Pacific
Air’ complete with fake logo. Wouldn’t it be nice of Malaysia Airlines
have a competition? That flies direct to New York?


Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson
Zoolander is a male model who is tricked into becoming an assassin. The
target? The Prime Minister of Malaysia who is a bald Chinese man in
traditional clothes. Go figure.

24 (TV)
Episode: 1 of Season 1
The very pilot starts off with a few shots of Kuala Lumpur, then possibly fake shots where a suspicious looking man appears.
Episode: 14 of Season 2
CTU dug up a profile of a mercenary who had once led an assassination in Malaysia.
Episode: N/A
Apparently it is an interesting piece of trivia that Jack Bauer killed
so many bad guys, the number 5 CIA most wanted list is a dude in
Malaysia who downloads movies.

The Simpsons (TV)
Episode: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Principal Skinner’s mother tells him he looks like a Malaysian transsexual while he wears a catwoman costume.

Seinfeld (TV)
Episode:The Scofflaw
Elaine buys a pair of glasses from a man who got them from Malaysia, to get back at her ex-boyfriend

Owh by the way I have watched an episode of Las Vegas, where the big boss, actually blackmailed somebody, by saying " I will make sure your project will go into holdup" he said he has ‘connections’, hm not a very good sign huh….

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Hm, salam, this is stressful, why you asked? I just finished writing a post when suddenly get blanked, hm cobaan. Anyway, this story is about a girl and the majority. One versus many. To shed some light, she, with the spirit of dakwah started overrun the student islamic publication. boohoo, so what? ok to be honest that’s in my mind, her first publication started writings, and in some ways kin of targeting. Just to remind, I am not in anybody side, though many of my friend detested her, sending sms to her, even some of the seniors send their complaints (luckily her naqibah was on her side).
So, I was sucked to one of the guy’s muzakarah (haha love this word) saying how she was rude, and I quite remember I of the guys saying " isk, mana bole camni, islam bukan agama paksaan, kalau nak berdakwah kena la lembut blaallalala ~ this was not mengumpat by the way,… i hope . Then he said "tgk ni aku anta msj kat dia tegur elok2 blalalalala….". In my mind … wow she really want to mess with them, I once was like her, very eager, very passionate (hm sometimes i feel she is hot, burning, like a very pretty version of my old me…. haha… and it does sometimes turn me on… but for readers… Islam forbid love btwn opposite sex before marriage… remember that) but when the time passes and the result was not that great, it was a downfall. Kill my spirit of dakwah for that time.
So my post this time was not actually about this, just what she did, causes me to think, what is the correct dakwah? being the conservative and being soft spoken and being a role model? is it still giving an impact to the ‘guys’ although they were easily burned on by the more liberal words of her? the question still runs through my mind, is it wise to spark things up, to shake things up a little, be more free in words?
In my words, the girl was not wrong and the guys was right, or vice versa. The guys should not be that ’sensitive’, suck it up people, and the girl should probably be more ’subtle’ in choosing words. Dakwah is a necessity, the balance should not be disturbed, there is no such thing as conservative or liberal, Islam is ad-din way of life…so what do you think??

writing for fun ~ mus

taken from -
Love Story of A Muallaf

This story has been published in volgo. Jus putting it here for orang di luar kawasan volgo. hehe. its sweet. ke touching. or sad. entahla. even salma herself wept reading it.=p. -aniza
I am truly grateful for being a muslim. Embracing Islam is something I would never regret.My name was Anna. I was born in a religious- Christian practicing family, and I still remember how I never missed going to the church every weekend for the so called Sunday prayers. I could say that my journey to Islam began before I was even aware of it ..Hamid. This was the guy who first showed me the beauty & simplicity of Islam. I knew him by chance, who knows a short conversation at the hostel kitchen connected me with him through bait-al muslim, plus more important thing connected me to the oh-so-syumul Islam! Alhamdullilah.. Thanks to Allah who made the impossible feasible..who showed me this path.

Initially, it was just a coffee-talk (I call it this way because I wasn’t the kind of girl who easily got into friendly conversation with guys). But, the modesty of him somehow gave me a picture that he was so not like any other Russians or Arabs or other foreigners who mingle around girls. I even drank his coffee despite the truth that I never had even a sip of coffee before!

It was a snatch of the conversation when I suddenly became frantically worry, having such talk with someone who was not in the same beliefs with me. Hence I inquired him ‘What’s your religion?’, hoping that he was a Christian-or if he wasn’t, I was gonna make him one. Then Hamid said “Islam!”which made me frown. I didn’t have any idea what Islam was! Some pictures reeled in my mind bad perception about Islam, and the ideas gradually percolated through my empty mind. Good God, Hamid corrected me by explaining about Islam.. a bit and a bit and a bit.. Without realizing it…our chemistry worked right away.

I once invited him to the church, purposely to bring him to Christianity cum testing his Iman. To my shock, I was astounded by the way he agreed-without any doubt. I asked him why, and I became more astonished when he told me “My religion is inside me, it’s in my heart and I am going to prove to you that NOTHING will change my Islam”..and that was the point that changed my perception towards this deen.The Great Islam.

Eventually on that day, we bought a book entitled ‘Christian and other religions’. The book wrote lousy and perverted logic about Islam, our prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. and the muslims. It brought me to a state of shock and shame, regarding the fact that Christian draws massive misconceptions about Islam, but in contrast.. Hamid said that “We respect other religions”. Without any hesitation, I tore the book to shreds.

Since then, I didn’t go to church anymore. Hamid and I discussed Islam, and faith in God, in general, and everything he said made sense to me. Hamid had the patience of angels to deal with my slow thinking and silly questions, but he never gave up hope in me. I asked him what I have to do if I want to convert to Islam. He replied with only one simple word”Syahadah!” . I was surprised, because if we want to be a Christian, we would have to pay to the church, and so the ‘heavenly’ priest can shower us with the so called Holy Water for the baptism ceremony. Furthermore, we even have to pay to get married, and we have to buy the ‘Ikon’ for praying. Basically it’s all about money!!! $$

I asked Hamid how the muslims perform their prayers. He replied, saying that the muslims can pray anywhere they want. It was something really new to me, I learned that this is a sacred land created by Allah The Almighty, it’s not a big fuss bowing on the ground worshipping the God. Compared to Christian, we can only pray in church, or else we have to have the ‘Ikon’ for praying in our own crib!!

Slowly, my mind started to agree with my heart, and I started to picture myself as a Muslim. Eventually, Hamid asked me about the concept of trinity which I was anxious to answer his question because it was something I had been holding for such a long time. I carefully started putting my knowledge into words.. I explained to make him understand-but suddenly I came to an abrupt halt!! My mouth was locked and I couldn’t find the key because my heart finally objected my previous faith..and I didn’t believe in my wisdom anymore. I was completely flummoxed by the whole thing. Subhanallah..

“No, I will not proceed to tell you..” I said, turned away and ran bursting into tears.

From that point, we started to discuss more and more about Islam. About the Holy Quran, The Prophet p.b.u.h I still remember learning ‘Alhamdulillah’ as my very 1st Arabic word. It was still crystal clear in my mind how I wept reading the translation of the Al-Fatihah for the first time. Islam is a religion of peace. It is the natural religion of mankind and has existed since the beginning of time.

I found the truth in myself sooner than I had expected. One day, I read Sura Maryam and felt so near as it is about The Jesus and his mother Mary. At that time, I knew there was no turning back. I could wait no longer . . Trembling, I knocked on Hamid’s door and made the best decision I had ever done in my whole entire life-

“Hamid, I want to embrace Islam”.. and so my mouth was wet with Syahadah for the first time Alhamdulillah~

Story of : Salma Al-Masry, Volgograd State Medical University, Russian Federation

Assalamualikum, miggu ni ak rasa malas nk menaip, tp ni antara blog menarik yg ak baca, harap tulisan ak lepas ni akan jadi sebaik ni.

Antara Usaha Ilmu dan Pengiktirafan
Kalau tidak 5, anda dapat 4. Kalau tidak 4 anda dapat 3… Tiga markah menentukan hidup dan mati! Tidak adil bukan?

Itulah hakikat peperiksaan di Russia. Keadaan lebih membimbangkan apabila perkara ini masih diaplikasikan walaupun kursusnya PERUBATAN dan lagi merisaukan apabila yang menjadi mangsa keadaannya adalah pelajar-pelajar Malaysia.

Mereka ini membesar dalam asuhan sistem pendidikan yang walaupun setelah mana diubah, tetap masih berorientasikan peperiksaan. Inilah yang dialami oleh kami semua yang kini sampai ke bumi Russia atau lebih spesifik lagi Volgograd.

Biar saya jelaskan keadaan…

Sistem peperiksaan Russia sama sekali berbeza dengan sistem peperiksaan negara lain. Kami perlu menjawab soalan secara lisan, sebelum peperiksaan anda akan diberi lebih kurang 200 lebih senarai soalan (yang sebenarnya merangkumi silibus satu buku tebal penuh).

Bila tiba harinya, anda melangkah masuk ke dewan peperiksaan. Diberi satu tiket yang ada 3 soalan panjang. Kemudian anda duduk di meja peperiksaan dan diberi pula masa 10-20 minit masa persediaan. Anda menulis sedikit isi-isi penting dan tidak lama kemudian di panggil pensyarah. Setelah berperang mulut dengan pensyarah, dihujani pula dengan soalan-soalan tambahan. Akhirnya, pensyarah tersebut akan menulis markah.(sambil hati anda berdebar-debar, mencuri-curi tengok)

ATLICHNA-excellent (5)
HARASHO-good (4)
UDOVLETBARITYELNA-satisfactory (3)

*Kalau gagal, markah tidak ditulis. Buku zacyot dipulangkan dan anda disuruh mencuba pada hari yang lain.

Hendak dijadikan cerita pula, keadaan tambah menarik sekiranya anda mendapat semua markah 5 untuk tiap-tiap pelajaran (biasanya 3-5) bagi semester tersebut anda akan mendapat anugerah dekan dan dipanggil ATLICHNIK.

Tambah merancakkan lagi keadaan, anugerah ini datang dengan darjah masing-masing; jika cukup 3 kali berturut-turut anda mendapat darjah pertama yang paling tinggi dan akhirnya jika ini kekal, anda bakal mendapat KRASNI DIPLOM (DIPLOM MERAH) pada akhir pengajiaan.

Apa masalahnya?

1. Nilai 5 (ATLICHNA) itu sendiri

Banyak mengatakan 5 itu segala-galanya. Umpama nyawa yang perlu didapatkan. Bila anda mendapat 5, anda dikatakan sebagai pandai dan hebat. Boleh menjawab semua soalan-soalan hebat pensyarah walau macam mana tegas pun dia.

Ada juga yang mengatakan 5 itu kadang kala nasib sahaja. Kebetulan kita dapat menjawab dengan pensyarah kita, cakap sikit-sikit pun boleh mendapat 5. Jadi pelajar kesayangan pensyarah pun boleh juga membantu.

2. Tujuan belajar itu sendiri

Sememangnya kalau sudah namanya masuk ke universiti, mestilah niatnya untuk mencari ilmu. Namun bila orang terkejar-kejar 5, timbul persoalan: Nak cari ilmu ke? Nak dapat 5?

Nanti kalau sudah terbiasa sangat belajar mencari 5. Takut-takut bila kerja nak mencari duit semata.

3. Nilai Usaha itu

Orang yang mendapat semua 5, biasanya tidak banyak dipersoalkan. Secara muktamadnya dia orang berjaya.

Yang menjadi hal antara mereka yang tidak. Golongan ini akan diadili

“Aku dah baca semua dah, tapi kenapa dia nak kasi aku markah 4/3?”
“Cikgu tu memang! Aku tak salah apa-apa pun di bagi 4/3!”

Pengadilan semakin berat apabila

a. keluar sahaja dewan peperiksaan ( setiap sessi hanya boleh memuatkan 10-15 orang), mereka yang menunggu semua bertanya:

“Eh dapat berapa tadi?”

Kalau anda menjawab 5

Balasannya mungkin: “wah tahniah, hebatlah kau!”

Kalau anda menjawab 4

balasanya mungkin ‘diam’ sahaja. Perkara ini bukan salah sesiapa sebenarnya. Orang yang bertanya mungkin diam kerana itu sahaja yang mampu di buat tetapi tidak dapat dielakkan juga, orang yang mendapat 4 terasa bahawa yang bertanya itu mesti sendiri merendah-rendahkan dirinya kerana berdiam diri.

Namun, untuk perkara ini dibincangkan lebih dalam sebenarnya agak klise kerana hakikatnya bila sampai saat-saat akhir apa yang ada dalam fikiran masing-masing adalah untuk segera pulang ke Malaysia. Sungguh! kalau mengikut perangkaannya tidak sampai 1% pelajar yang tidak balik ke Malaysia tahun ini.

Tepuk dada tanya selera, manusia tidak pernah puas itu yang pasti. Kami kembali semula ke Malaysia, mendapat nafas baru dan semua bersemangat semula bila sampai semester depan nanti =)


the fact that I was actually assigned as one of the writers of this
blog long time ago, but eventually only today I feel responsible for
it.. please accept my apology. Primarily for protracting the efficacy
of the blog for the community, and- for our imminent islamic centre at
Kirovsky, which we all know, needs a lot of supportive collaborations
from the entire muslim residents in Volgograd. Spiritually, maybe
physically and most essentially, in the form of financial aid.

I am trying to convey here is, despite our hectic daily errands which
are basically encoded and they repeat every day, our mindset and
sensitivity should be switched and directed towards more peduli-ummah
one. Ummah, in the context of the whole muslim community
notwithstanding their race, nationality, skin colour et cetera. Ummah,
in the perception that we wish they would have the same sovereignty to
practice Islam as we do, they could learn about this
religion-as-way-of-life like we all do, and they see Islam not only by
the ritual endeavors but the syumul one.

has abundant of mosques, surau, Islamic centres. Some of them are sited
only few steps from our domiciles, we get reminded five times per day
during each solah time. We even have a crystal mosque which forbids
entrance of our own families to perform daily prayers.

Ok, without a hitch.

they have one here in Volgograd. The one which is congested every
Friday prayers (as I was told) and apparently, during eid prayers. The
one they use for every possible occasions- some Muslim kids live there,
undergo their daily routines in the mosque- sleep, eat, quran
recitations, and so forth.

is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it
is more worthy of the standing forth (for prayer) therein. In it are
men who love to be purified; and God loveth those who make themselves
pure” At-tawbah (The repentance);108.

I can say it was laid from the first day on piety (taqwa). Some
Palestinian students felt sorry for the Volgograd Muslim community who
had no particular place for collective ritual practices hence they
earnestly spent their annual allowance for the sake of the mosque.
Subhanallah, may their rewards increase manifold.

Basically this is the main purpose of the construction of this blog. We
are, by all means trying to decrease the burden and load carried by the
Russian muslims in building up an Islamic centre- which, maybe is of no
use (literally) by most of us who are graduating soon in this year or
in few years time. Well, we are talking in the sense of the incessant
rewards by Allah swt as long as the Islamic centre is being used by our
brothers and sisters of Russian citizens or of our future generations
themselves. Allah told us in the Quran ..

those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to God a Beautiful
Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall
have (besides) a liberal reward” Al Hadid; 18

believe, we have even more stipends than they did (the Palestinian
students). Why they spent their money for enduring rewards but we
don’t? Why we choose to let the money flows en route for unimportant,
self-satisfaction stuffs than concluding some portions of it in our
bargain with Allah? Recall At-taubah ayah 111..“God hath purchased of
the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is
the garden (of Paradise)”

we say we are broke, we are pseudo pathetic. Maybe we should check the
authenticity of the outflow of our money, the management of our
economic status. Perhaps we say we had given up our money last year
(back then there was a massive collection for Kirovsky) but I remember
one of our brothers said; “We cant be satisfied for just our charity given in history but we should ask what we gave yesterday, it’s an istiqamah deeds” well, something like that.

we can do now, we are organizing sort of a peduli-ummah period. There
will be extensive money collections in lecture halls, classes, even
rooms, hostels and houses. U will be handed in the
Kirovsky-money-boxes, tabung (or whatever they call it) today
and maybe tomorrow.. cum the day after tomorrow. This project, I hope
is ceaseless, because as we all know, our charity can’t be ceased.
Furthermore, insyaAllah we will upgrade the progression of the Islamic
centre from time to time.

more thing, should I mention this? Roughly, the Islamic centre lacks
nearly RM 2million- a big number which of course, an amount
out-of-reach for us, students. We still need help from other possible
truthful people who can make the Islamic centre feasible, but at least
we could have our smallest credit in it as long as we do this for the
aspect of Islamic charity (sadaqah), in the cause of Allah and to gain
His bless.insyaAllah

Musa Al-Ashari reported that the Messenger of Allah, Rasulullah s.a.w
said; “Every Muslim is obliged to give charity” They said “But what if
one does not have anything to give?” He said “Then let him work with
his own hands so he (first) benefits himself and then gives in
charity”.They said “But if one is unable to do that?” He said “So let
him call (others) to do good”. They said “But if he is not able to do
that?” He said, “So let him abstain from doing evil, for even that will
be counted as his act of charity”

-Al Bukhari-


"Jgnlah kamu bersikap lemah. dan jgnlah pula
kamu bersedih hati,padahal kamulah org2 yg paling tinggi darjatnya, jika kamu
org2 yg beriman."

-Surah Al-Imran ayat 139

Minggu ni mggu yg plg byk mnguji kesabaranku, agaknya baru sedikit kot. Album parasitologi aku hilang, test berlambak, cuaca x menentu, semuanya x kena. Aritu mmg ak da rasa tension da pun, pastu terbangun lambat, alamak! menyesal tido lepas suboh time 2 mmg ngantuk. Xpe! dengan semangat optimistik ak capai tuala n g mandi. Bukak je pili air ak terkejut, rasa nak mencarut pun ade, astaghfirullah hal aziim, nasib baik dapat tahan. Sejuknya air, bukan kepalang lagi, dahla sekarang suhu 10 darjah celsius, xpe ak harungi jua, ni baru sikit. Ak mandi sepantas kilat, bak kambing takutkan air(air 2 mmg sejuk pun). Terus keluar berpakaian, kemas beg, tiba2……"Mana pulak buku album ak ni?", hati bertambah panas, rasa amarah membuak-buak, ak teringat ada org pnjam. Tanya2 si polan 2 dia kata da pulangkan da. Aduh, da lambat da ni, ak keluar …. hempas pintu dan keluar, time 2 mmg marah habis… tension, dalam kelas ak tdo je.

Ntahla kenapa dgn aku mggu ni, sesungguhnya Iman ni mmg ada naik dan turunnya, dan ak rasakan minggu ni minggu paling lemah Iman ak….. Klau la iman yang da lemau, dimasuki angin VOlgo ni bole ditop up, macam top up hand set kan sng. Byk sgt maksiat yg ak lakukan mggu ni, bk sgt amalan yg tertinggal…. Astaghfirullah hal azim. Aritu ade minah ruski yang ak kenal time urok druzhbi tegur ak. Ak pun borakla ngan dia, macam biase kak dyela? mende2 bodoh 2.

Tibe2 syaitan cucuk dalam hati ak, lantas hati berbicara, "seksi gak minah ni, ape lagi mus rezeki". Dengan pakaian nya yang x cukup ela, dengan seluar macam nak terkeluar isinya, ak tewas, mata melilau, pandang itu, pandang ini.(perempuan 2 mmg lawa, klau dia pakai tudung lagi lawa agaknya) Astaghfirullah hal azim, baru cubaan sikit da tewas. Ak rasa syaitan tgh bersorak gembira. Macam mana la ak ni…

"Apakah manusia itu mengira bahawa mereka
dibiarkan saja mengatakan, "Kami telah beriman."("I am full of
faith to Allah") sedangkan mereka tidak diuji?Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah
menguji org2 yg sebelum mereka, maka sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui org2 yg
benar dan sesungguhnya Dia mengetahui org2 yg dusta."

Surah Al-ankabuut ayat 2-3

Agaknya layakkah ak menegur org laen sdgkan diri sebegini?… sedihnya, pasal album ku yang hilang 2 dah ak halal kan pun, tapi pasal Iman ku minggu ni…. hanya Allah yang dapat maafkan. Ada orang berkata, Allah menguji hambaNya supaya mereka ingatkan dia, Yeke? harapnya macam 2 la. Semoga Allah merahmati hidup ak, maafkan dosaku….. bersabarlah mus…. 6thn lagi, doktor muslim ke muslim doctor? ntahla. wallahualam…

Mula rasa malas je nak menulis, bukan xda keje aku, aiyak. Namun kepala tepu dgn masalah, baik ak menulis je. Pagi td rasa malas je nak pg kuliah ahad, tp bes gak tayangan rakaman ceramah hari ni. Ustazah siti nurbayah, n husband(actually ak lpe nama husband dia) n abg ipar zhafri(lupe gak nama). Mula ingt nk lawat zhafri kat Hospital, malas.
Bila dgr ceramah 2, teringt ak dulu, betapa manisnya cinta manusia, namun akhirat boleh membawa ke neraka. Dlm ceramah 2, ustaz mengatakan ada 3 peringkat cinta:

1. Cinta yg agung
cinta kepada Allah da RasulNya. Meletakkan Allah dan Rasulnya lebih tinggi dr yg laen.

2. Cinta sederhana
Cinta kepada makhluk Allah yang laen semata2 kerana Allah dan Rasulnya. Aku syg kau, you love me, semua nya keana Allah.

3. Cinta yang hina
Cinta yg berlandaskan hawa dan nafsu. Perasaan yg timbul atas sikap terburu-buru(kapel, awek etc…)

Sesungguhnya islam mmg agama cinta, romantik, namun mestilah kena pada tempatnya, bukan meraba x tentu hala. Di dalam islam, tiada tempat utk kapel, yg ada hanyalah cinta pada Yang Maha Esa, cinta antara adam dan hawa, hanya menerusi Ijab dan kabul. Dimanakah kita?
Aku dulu pun pernah berkapel, rasa malu atas kesilapan aku. Ingatkan kalau xda kata sayang, x berjumpa, maka xda la dosa. Namun bnda 2 adalah salah, setiap hari aku berzina. Sabar, zina ini bukanlah seperti yg anda fikirkan, namun zina inilah yg bahaya, zina hati. Walaupun mcam mana pun mencuba pasti akan teringat pada si dia. Aku berasa sungguh berdosa. Memang fitrah manusia jatuh cinta, namun perlu disalurkan dgn sempurna, jalan yg diredhai Allah, kerana pergaulan perlu dijaga supaya tidak menghampiri zina. Allah berfirman surah Al-Isra’, surah ke 17, dalam ayat yg ke 32:

"Dan janganlah kamu mendekati zina; sesungguhnya zina itu adalah
suatu perbuatan yang keji dan suatu jalan yang buruk

Astaghfirullah hal aziim, tanpa aku sedari, dosa yg aku cari.

Teringat pula muvie ayat2 cinta, kisah moden nabi yusuf, bagaimana watak utama berkahwin, melalui taaruf. Mendapat isteri ahli syurga(time tgk 2 rasa jeles yg amat sgt, berdoa Allah mengurniakan aku isteri yg solehah). Bahagianya, aku juga inginkan begitu, tp ak sedar diri sendiri patut dibetulkan.
Time aku clash 2, ada gak rasa sedih, namun teringat ayat al-Quran

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan
boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu,
Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui."
-Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216
Saranan ak bagi sesiapa yg Allah pernah tanamkan dalam hati dia utk
menjauhi kapel, namun tetap rasa ragu2 bacalah ada web bawah ni, byk
membantu aku. Terima kasih pada kawan yg byk mebazirkan air liu r demi aku berubah. Aku sudah, anda pula bagaimana?

Assalamualaikum, lama rasanya dah x menulis, busy…(haha). Lama x bukak internet tgk byk offline msj kat yahoo. dan ayat2 mereka lebih kurang sama je, suruh boikot barangan dutch.Mula macam setuju pastu lama2 jadi xtau nk bwat ape. Ade yg kata "bunuh sahaja kafir laknat 2", ade yg kata "boikot brngan diorg,biardiorg rasa".Namun,
Diriwayatkan oleh al-Bukhari dan Muslim, daripada Abu Hurairah
radhiyallahu ‘anhu, bahawa Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam
telah bersabda, “Bukanlah gagah itu pada gagahnya orang bergusti. Akan
tetapi gagah itu ialah pada upaya mengawal diri ketika marah!”
Namun bila difikirkan,tidakkah tindakan kita seperti orang2 jahiliyah. Kerana salah seorang, satu kabilah diperangi. Aku bukannya menyokong filem 2,tp tidakkah kita memikirkan tindakan boikot kita itu terhadap lebih 2 juta muslim di belanda? aku bukanlah bergantung sgt kepada produk Belanda namun di manakah rasionalnya menghukum seluruh umat belanda diatas salah seorang manusia?
Kerajaan Belanda sendiri telah menafikan kaitan mereka dgn filem tersebut. Malah Imam2 dan ulama’ Belanda sendiri meminta supaya tidak diambil tindakan tergesa2. Bagi mereka, biarlah mereka sendiri yg mendidik org belanda, dan benda2 sebegitu tidak seharusnya dilayan, tidak seharusnya dipopularkan.
Tambah lagi, adakah layak bagi kita memelihara kesucian dan maruah Islam itu dgn HATI, MULUT DAN TANGAN KITA YG KOTOR? ADAKAH BERSIH PALITAN LUMPUR JIKA DISIMBAH DGN AIR YANG JUGA KOTOR. Mmg kita mudah rasa marah, terjentik sikit je islam ,nk melenting. Namun tanyalah diri sendiri, adakah di tangan kita sendiri islam dimuliakan? Apakah nilai yg ada pada kita sehingga mulianya islam? Astaghfirullah hal azim, tepuk dada tanya Iman.
Sesungguhnya, proses memperjuangkan islam adalah proses dalaman, yang bermula dengan proses penyucian umat islam itu sendiri. Apabila bersih airnya, barulah air itu boleh digunakan utk membasuh palitan lumpur yang tertepek keatas islam.
Oleh sebab itu sucikanlah diri kamu wahai muslim, apabila suci diri kamu, nescaya mulialah islam, tanpa dipaksa-paksa, tanpa teriak x tentu hala. Lupakan marah kita pada mereka yg x kenal islam, patutnya marah kita di fokuskan pada manusia yg mengaku saudara islam, namun sibuk melakukan dosa. Sesungguhnya Islam bukan agama separuh2. Kahwin 4 mahu, nak sembahyang liat pula.
Namun pendirian sy ini x termasuk kepada pndirian sy kpd ngr Israel. X tenang diri aku makan atau pakai produk yg digunakan utk mengisi M16 yahudi membunuh penduduk palestin(mayb yg ni ak crita laen kali). Aku menulis bkn mengharap Org membaca, cuma Menulis utk sama2 merasa. Rasa ape? sendiri tanya. Aku tutup dengan satu hadis
“Hampir tiba masanya kamu akan diserbu oleh bangsa-bangsa lain
(musuh-musuh kamu), sebagaimana orang-orang lapar mengadap hidangan di
dalam jamuan”. Sahabat bertanya, “apakah semua itu berlaku disebabkan
oleh jumlah kami yang sedikit?”. Rasulullah S.A.W menjawab, “bahkan
ketika itu jumlah kamu amat ramai, tetapi ramainya kamu tidak lebih dari seumpama buih di permukaan banjir. Allah akan mencabut dari hati musuh-musuh kamu rasa gerun mereka terhadap dirimu, dan dimasukkan ke hatimu penyakit
AL-WAHAN”. Seorang sahabat bertanya, “Ya Rasulullah, apakah al-wahan itu ? “Jawab Rasulullah SAW “ialah cinta dunia dan takut menghadapi maut. ” (Hadis riwayat Abu Daud daripada Sauban).
Sesungguhnya apabila sudah bersatu, barulah islam digeruni


5.20 ptg, bilik, ahad

Почему я выбрал профессию врача

Это факт что весде в этом мире - врач это самая престижная и интригующая профессуя.
Я хотил стать врачом когда я учился в школе. Тогда, мой брат сказал что работа врача очень интересно потому что каждый день будет много разных пациентов и диагнозов.
В моей стране, врач очень важно б обществе. Все людей доберяют врачам потому что у врачей есть медицинские знания.
В Малайзии, после оконцания униберситета, врачам нужно работать в госудорственных больницах 3 года. Я думаю после етого, я хоцу работать в военной больнице, потому что там врач может получить денги больше чем в госудорственных больныцах.
По моему каждый врач должно работать с терпиливом потому что иногда враз должно работать 12-18 часоб в день. врач также должно быть опытный потому что жизни пациентов зависят от врача.


Its a fact, everywhere in this world, doctor is the most prestigious and challenging profession.
I wanted to become a doctor since I was studying at school. At that time, my brother said that being a doctor is interesting because everyday there would be different patients and diagnosis.
In my country, doctors are considered important in the community. Everybody respected the doctor, because only doctors have medical knowledge.
In Malaysia, after graduating, a doctor must serve his country at public hospitals. In my mind, after serving my country, I want to join the army, because there I could receive more money than in public hospitals.
In my opinion, every doctor must work with patient because sometimes they have to work, 12-18 hours a day. Doctors must also be an expert, because patient’s life depends on them.

written by Sulaiman Ahmad Mustaqim
edited by Chepurina Nina Arsenyevna

STadI ke X?

amboi ponek eden ni ha, br blk exm latin, ngntuk pun ada bkn sbb stadi tp maen game nyesal lak maen game bile tgk org laen asyik stadi, fail exam ak xtau la, nangis x berirama la.
ak rs mcm nk jual je laptop ni, melalaikan ak je(tulis blag ada exception), tp xda laptop xle ym ngan family n kawan. masuk arini da 2 hari ak tggal baca al-Quran pasal maen game. berdosanya ak.
bile pk blk, aritu ak dgr nama saad al aslami(x ingt sgt nama dia). dia sggup berkorban segala bnda demi islam tp ak, ……(ak biarkan tmpat kosong).
Actualy crite saad ni bercampur lawak, sedih, dukacita, gembira. bes. saad ni merupakan orang masuk islam tp berketurunan afrika kot(berkulit gelap). bile da masuk zaman remaja, dia tersangat amatlah ingin kawin, tapi apakan daya muke x hensem, hitam xda keje lak 2. sapo la nak?
Jadi saad ni pun pergilah berjumpaRasulullah saw, n crite masalah dia. Rasulullah pun ckp, kat depan 2 ade mualaf br masuk islam br pndah. dia ada anak pompuan pg mnta izin dgn bapanya, ckpla aku suruh.
dgn perasaan girang gemilangnya dia pun menapak la, sesampai je rumah, trus memberi salam dan menceritakan hajatnya. bapa pompuan 2 pun masuk ke rumah sebentar.
alangkah terkezutnya saad bile tgk bapak pompuan 2 bwk pedang/kayu(xingat) pastu mulalah adegan kejar mengejar, yelah sapalah nakkkan saad ni sbg menantu. tp anak pompuan 2 pun ckp ngn ayahnya, kalau btullah nabi yg ckp cm2, mesti ada hikmahnya n dia setuju(kalau la dapat bini camni alangkah bahagia).
bapak pompuan 2 insaf, jadi mengejar saad kerana ingin minta maaf, tp saad yg masih mengah berlari semula, cos bpk dia lupa letak pedang, saad ingt bapak dia nk stat adegan kedua kejar mengejar, haha. lalu abisla part 2.
selesai satu masalah dtg lg masalah, saad mano ado pitis. cmne ni. pastu Rasulullah ikhtiar sbb ksian ngat tgk saad ni, adalah manusia kasi duit n suruh saad g bazaar bli brg antaran kawin(x ingat sapa). punyalah seronok saad.
saad da sampai bazaar n tgh memilih brg utk hantaran kahwin, tiba2 terdgr "WAHAI PUMUDA2 MUSLIMIN , KITA DIAMBANG PEPERANGAN, MARILAH BERJIHAD FISABILILLAH DI JALAN ALLAH"
dgr je cm2, saad trus lupe kawin, duit hantaran dia guna bli pedang n perisai. dipendekkan crite time perang 2(x ingat perang ape), saad pu syahid tanpa smpat berkahwin. nabi pun meriba saad, dan ketika itu mula2 nabi berasa sedih, kemudian tersenyum n las sekali dia palingkan muka dr saad.
sahabat pun pelik n bertanya. why? Rasulullah ckp, 1st sekali ak sedey cos lepas ni xdala lagi pemuda macam saad, sggup berkorban demi islam(ak la 2 kot), kemudian Rasulullah gembira bile tgk saad masuk syurga dikelilingi bidadari, kemudian rasulullah memalingkan muka, sebab tim bidadari kejar saad, ade yg terselak kainnya so Rasulllah malu.
ak lak cmne? hm amal ibadah liat, stadi malas….. mcm mana la…..

My rich dad

Let me tell a story about this legendary guy…. my dad haha. Ntahla nape nak tulis pasal my dad. 2 b honest I think my dad is very rich but he is not da kinda guy that pampers his children especially sons with money. Okla saya hidup memang mewah, makan ari2, ade tv besar, astro, air cond in my room <——– da best thing. When it comes 2 money memang saya sengkek, moneyless.

My dad pulak x ske duk kl, padahal rumah dia kat kl banyak, kata x ske jem la last2 duk melaka, okla dari kena duduk kelantan ke, sungai besar haha, kadang2 tengok banlo kat keramat 2 pergh, kalau dapat duk c2 bilek aku mesti luas haha. tapi okla

My dad punya prinsip nak sumting buy it urself. Seriously, hanpon ,komputer and other knick knacks aku beli sendiri. okla maybe dia ade subsidi sikit but kebanyakannya my money. but I like his composure. My dad actually very penyabar but bile dia ngamuk, pergh x ley nak cakapla camne takut. Dia jarang marah, bebel ckit je but bile marah, all hell broke loose la.

One thing about my dad, yang I think I have inherited maybe that yang dia susah cikit nak tunjuk feeling dia. x taula seingat aku, aku x penah receive any present 4 birthdays, dengar dia cakap dia love me haha. But dia jenis reward giving person, be the top of your class and dia akan tunaikan ur wish. but aritu dapat straight a je 4 trial(nyesal x blaja sungguh2), kalau dapat straight A1 aku bajet nak mintak walkmanphone haha.

Nak kata aku ni materialistik pun ade gak, patutnya aku bersyukur koz masih dapat love from my parent. So aku actually thankful sebab ade diorang. tapi nak cakap " I luv u mum dad" memang susah, x biase. Ingat nak belaja cakap sebelum terlambat.

roger n out

Science Daily
Surgeons are taller and more handsome than physicians, finds a study in
this week’s Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal.

Doctors at the University of Barcelona Hospital noticed that the
tallest and most handsome male students were more likely to go for
surgery, and the shortest (and perhaps not so good looking) ones were
more likely to become physicians.

So they decided to test the theory that, on average, surgeons are taller and better looking than physicians.

selected a random sample of 12 surgeons and 12 physicians from the
hospital plus four external controls (well known film stars who played
surgeons or physicians). All subjects were matched by age (52 +/- 7
years) and sex (all men), their height was recorded and they were asked
to submit a digital picture.

Pictures of all subjects were then
randomly organised and shown to an independent group of eight female
observers (all in the same age group as the study subjects). Observers
used the "good looking score" to classify each participant (ranging
from 1, ugly to 7, very good looking).

The results show that, on
average, senior male surgeons are significantly taller and better
looking than senior male physicians. They also show that film stars who
play doctors are significantly better looking than real surgeons and

There are several potential explanations for these
findings, say the authors. For example, surgeons spend a lot of time in
operating rooms, which are cleaner, cooler, and have a higher oxygen
content than the average medical ward, where physicians spend most of
their time. They also often wear clog-type shoes that adds 2-3 cm to
their perceived height.

In contrast, physicians have a tendency
to hang heavy stethoscopes around their necks, which bows their heads
forward and reduces their perceived height.

Further studies are
needed to assess if these findings also apply to junior male surgeons
and physicians, as well as to senior and junior female staff, they add.