Merenung komputer ak, without ideas for next photoshoping gone wild, tiba2 terpk… hm, I am 19, going to 20 next year, sigh, that right… two zero… I establish a panic alert… almost that old and nothing.
I have to say, that my aggressiveness and tenaciousness, i have succeeded in making a protective bubble around me, dimana nobody have gone near me. In simple layman’s term, I have no friends… huhu sad sob sob….(nangis ni!! nak simpati). Senang crite… skrg baru ak prasan, xda membe ketat… nape? ntah… Allah mengetahui.
Adakah ia disebabkan
a. I am uninteresting, unable to stand out from the mass?
b. I dont like the crowd….
c. I am a social nightmare
I believe it is a bit of a, maybe a dash of b, and a lot of c…
Hm, seeing my friends( not really friends, mayb someone I know by chance maybe) I see them either, very good at guitar, very good at girl(by the way this thing is a no no), sangat bagus/byk bercakap, can lead, great with electronics, maybe socially active, very knowledgeable, leader of their own group and outcast(hey at least they are acknowledge). After that, its me…. nobody ….. no specialty ,basically drowned ditenggelami kawan2ku. How do I stood out? I am not good wit computers, not even with people and especially animal.
Ak bagaikan keseorangan, lone ranger…. terbang x bertali… huhu. As anyone know, in 5 years Insyaallah I would graduate as a doctor, but I am doubtfull, Am I ready? Adakah ruang bagi nobody kat dunia ni?
Sape nak kawan ngan aku? Maybe it is my fault, trying to create a vacuum… sigh. Seeing my friend, change… bit by bit…. nak gak… ntah


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