bad a$$ Malaysia!!

wondering off into a vast ocean off imagination, while watching House of course, it shocked me, is malaysia that bad?? before i let u think…. whatever it is.. the answer is no. Em, in one of the episodes, apparently House and Cuddy is boarding a flight going to where ever is Princeton (It is one of the Ivy league), and then it struck me, House is getting onboard on a "Malaysian Pacific AIr". What? is MAS that bad, by the way, not only the stewardess not hot, he speaks like philiphines or something. After doing some surfing, here are some of NOT Malaysia the Hollywood is spreading to the world.

House (TV)
Episode: Airborne
House and Cuddy face a widespread outbreak on their plane back from a
symposium in Singapore while Wilson and the team treat a woman with
constant seizures.

The airplane they were in belongs to a fictional ‘Malaysian Pacific
Air’ complete with fake logo. Wouldn’t it be nice of Malaysia Airlines
have a competition? That flies direct to New York?


Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson
Zoolander is a male model who is tricked into becoming an assassin. The
target? The Prime Minister of Malaysia who is a bald Chinese man in
traditional clothes. Go figure.

24 (TV)
Episode: 1 of Season 1
The very pilot starts off with a few shots of Kuala Lumpur, then possibly fake shots where a suspicious looking man appears.
Episode: 14 of Season 2
CTU dug up a profile of a mercenary who had once led an assassination in Malaysia.
Episode: N/A
Apparently it is an interesting piece of trivia that Jack Bauer killed
so many bad guys, the number 5 CIA most wanted list is a dude in
Malaysia who downloads movies.

The Simpsons (TV)
Episode: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Principal Skinner’s mother tells him he looks like a Malaysian transsexual while he wears a catwoman costume.

Seinfeld (TV)
Episode:The Scofflaw
Elaine buys a pair of glasses from a man who got them from Malaysia, to get back at her ex-boyfriend

Owh by the way I have watched an episode of Las Vegas, where the big boss, actually blackmailed somebody, by saying " I will make sure your project will go into holdup" he said he has ‘connections’, hm not a very good sign huh….

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