Hm, salam, this is stressful, why you asked? I just finished writing a post when suddenly get blanked, hm cobaan. Anyway, this story is about a girl and the majority. One versus many. To shed some light, she, with the spirit of dakwah started overrun the student islamic publication. boohoo, so what? ok to be honest that’s in my mind, her first publication started writings, and in some ways kin of targeting. Just to remind, I am not in anybody side, though many of my friend detested her, sending sms to her, even some of the seniors send their complaints (luckily her naqibah was on her side).
So, I was sucked to one of the guy’s muzakarah (haha love this word) saying how she was rude, and I quite remember I of the guys saying " isk, mana bole camni, islam bukan agama paksaan, kalau nak berdakwah kena la lembut blaallalala ~ this was not mengumpat by the way,… i hope . Then he said "tgk ni aku anta msj kat dia tegur elok2 blalalalala….". In my mind … wow she really want to mess with them, I once was like her, very eager, very passionate (hm sometimes i feel she is hot, burning, like a very pretty version of my old me…. haha… and it does sometimes turn me on… but for readers… Islam forbid love btwn opposite sex before marriage… remember that) but when the time passes and the result was not that great, it was a downfall. Kill my spirit of dakwah for that time.
So my post this time was not actually about this, just what she did, causes me to think, what is the correct dakwah? being the conservative and being soft spoken and being a role model? is it still giving an impact to the ‘guys’ although they were easily burned on by the more liberal words of her? the question still runs through my mind, is it wise to spark things up, to shake things up a little, be more free in words?
In my words, the girl was not wrong and the guys was right, or vice versa. The guys should not be that ’sensitive’, suck it up people, and the girl should probably be more ’subtle’ in choosing words. Dakwah is a necessity, the balance should not be disturbed, there is no such thing as conservative or liberal, Islam is ad-din way of life…so what do you think??

writing for fun ~ mus


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