people say, "if you cant do the time, dont do the crime"..... so as i was searching for the most virulence viral videos, i found people in orange jumpsuit breakdancing, who are they? the are the philipines inmates in a new programme "dancing for rehabilitation"

at first i was sceptic, by after seeing dance to the rhythm of soulboy, britney spears, and BEP, all i can say is bravo.... to gather 1000 people to dance is hard enough, but inmates? kudos to the warden.... the story even made it to cnn, and now even tourist pay to see them dance. WOW!!

this truely a good use of inmates times, and it is said that it has lowered problem in the prison.... wish penjara pudu have this kind of programme.... so enjoy the videos(for people with unlimited internet)......

p/s:so do you think you can dance??


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